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Scott Shannon is the Morning Show host on The New Mix 106.3! Scott was part of the “DJ Guys” in the 90’s and for certain occasions, has been known to wear leopard printed pants to events. (By request only)
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Keith Allen, again part of his name, but not his whole name. Is currently the only team member with an 810 area code. Keith is a seasoned radio veteran and can currently  be hear on Cars 109.....I wonder what kind of seasoning they use for radio people?
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Often mistaken for the Elias Brother’s Big Boy Josh Sharrow is currently working on a campaign to tour the country posing as the Big Boy...No not really, but it makes for good conversation!
Shawn Patrick is not even his real name...he’s that cool that he has a stage name..  Shawn’s claim to fame is the fact that he drives a Mini-Van and has more mechanical valves in his heart than the Tin Man!
Chris Waite owned and operated Castle Productions in Alma for 6 years before coming to Impact Sound Entertainment. Chris operates our Alma Office! Chris has 2 kids and a wonderful fiance Mary!
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What’s with all the people and their fake names? Jodi K is part of her real name though. Jodi was discovered doing Karaoke at a local establishment, and is now a radio star! Josh & Shawn, still not discovered.

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